Our Team

Mitzi Magdaleno - Founder

Mitzi founded The Creative Spark LLC in August 2018 while getting her Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of San Francisco. She has worked in the community of San Francisco focusing on youth and women empowerment, including the YMCA and Mission Girls. Her passion for art and music led her to creating events at Neck of the Woods and Alena Museum. With The Creative Spark LLC, she continues to find creative solutions for the people that motivate her.

Jessenia Rose - Director of Design Thinking

Jessenia is a Bay Area artist, using her creative talents to highlight social topics, activists, and other creatives. She is a woman's advocate against violence and a role model to youth who she has worked with. Jessenia has worked at the YMCA with youth and a number of emerging creative projects all around the San Francisco Bay Area. Her talents include spoken word, fine arts, arts and crafts, and digital illustration. 

Why We Exist

Building A World That Respects Artists

Through our own experience, we realized that things had to change for the artist to thrive.  The world of the "starving artists" was not the reality we wanted. 

We seek to help artists understand their worth. 

We aim to connect the artists with their audience. 

We want to support artists in their path towards growth. 


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