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The Creative Spark



The Creative Spark LLC is committed to finding holistic solutions for the creative entrepreneur (artists, musicians, etc.). Our first goal is to support the creative entrepreneur by providing them with essential tools: space to work, business services, and engagement with audience. 


We are a platform for artists. We create space to work. We help artists engage with their audience. We help the community support local artists directly. We create community. We create sparks.  


Help us in our start-up phase by donating to our GoFundMe

fundraiser. These funds will go towards pop-up rentals and securing a more permanent home in the Bay Area. 

Thank you to our very first monetary supporters! Courtney King ★ David Martin ★ Diana Escamilla ★ Ivellisse Morales ★ Aron Swing ★ Tina Ha ★ Gustave Feldman ★ Annie D ★ Katie Belway ★ Lorraine Albert ★ Anna Whitlatch ★ Fariha Naveed ★ Bobby Arenas ★ Ed Heney ★ Quinn O'Connell ★ Marklye Henderson Jr. ★ Cesar Magdaleno ★ Steve Snyder ★ Carmen Paz ★ Claudia Li ★ Peter Chan ★ Kristin Malvadkar ★ Islam Meligi ★ Lauren Longley ★ Craig Jacobs ★ JR Twomey ★ Silvia Zeng ★ Siobhan Norris 

Artist Spotlights


Lorraine Albert

Comic and Silly Graphs Illustrator

Jen Del sol

Multifaceted Artist

Maya Songbird

Singer, Songwriter, Director, Creator



Music Producer, Beat Maker

Events and Community


Thanks to the attendees of our first event! It was beautiful to see the community support one another. We look forward to doing more events like these. 

Ignite Photos

Stay Tuned for our next event